Discover peace, happiness, and purpose through the powerful guidance of Divine Spirit.

Welcome! My name is Jennifer Farmer. I’m a professional spiritual teacher based in St Petersburg, FL. My greatest passion is empowering you to embrace joy and inner peace through the deep healing of spiritual teachings and guided meditations.

Spiritual Growth Mentoring 

Are you ready to take your life to a new level of happiness, healing and peace? Learn how to use your sixth-sense ability and intuition that can guide you to an even more joyful life! Guide and support you in connecting with your team of God, Spirit Guides, Angels and Loved Ones on the other side, who want you to have an even more happy and peaceful existence. You’ll learn, practice and master getting the answers you need from God, your Loved Ones, Spirit Guides and Angels. Experience more trust that your Highest Self and your personal Spirit Team will be there when you need them. 

Monthly LIVE intuitive and Spiritual teachings, meditations, mentoring and guidance. Join me, in my Spiritual Growth Mentoring Membership. Let me guide LIVE through my 7 Signature Steps to Spiritual Growth along with a loving community to support you as you grow into your Highest Self. Become part of our Spiritual family Learn More

Guided Meditations

Meditation is the most natural way to resolve stress and anxiety. It can help you resolve grief and depression, bringing about healing and spiritual transformation. Meditation has been instrumental in my own growth and healing process. You can learn more about my unique approach to meditation here.

I’ve created a series of beautiful guided meditations to support you in developing your own meditation practice. These meditations will help you learn to settle your mind and expand your spiritual understanding and power.

I’ve also created a series of free videos on meditation and developing intuition. Watch these free videos here.

Upcoming Events

Mark your calendar now! You have an open invitation to attend one of my live events. Live events are a wonderful way to deepen your spiritual practice, gain valuable insights, and connect with others on a spiritual path. I offer events both in my home state of Florida and throughout the U.S. Visit my calendar page to register for one of my upcoming events, or click on the event link below to learn more.

Ongoing  LIVE Online VIP Spiritual Growth Mentoring   READ MORE

Sept 27, 2019   An Evening of Healing and Messages with the Spirit World Seminole, FL   RESERVE YOUR SEAT



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