After-Death Communication Heals Grief

This post covers the awesome and amazing topic of After-Death Communication known as (ADC). The most frequent question I get is “Can I communicate with my deceased loved ones?” The answer is a solid YES. If you are open to the Spirit World, not only is it possible, it is likely that you will have a Spirit touch and visit from your loved ones.

After-death spirit communication is different for everyone. Some communication occurs through dreams and some throughout waking daily life. It’s important to mentally send your request and let your loved ones know you want to hear from them. You can do tell them out loud or through your mind. You might feel a little crazy at first but rest assured you they hear you.

I’ve had many Spirit visits in my dreams over the years. For me, they are different than regular dreams. When I have them, I can feel my deceased loved one is with me more clearly. They usually have a lighted energy with them and I wake up feeling I’m had an in actual in person visit together.

Dreams are not the only form of after-death communication. They also connect with us during our waking hours. I like a good night’s sleep so I prefer to communicate with my loved ones during my waking hours.

Waking communication is similar to sleep state after death communications. Asking your loved ones through your mind or verbally speaking is still the first step. Non-verbal communication from your loved ones in a waking state is just as profound as those in dreams.  They can communicate better with us when we are relaxed, open, and receptive. That’s why so many people experience after death communication while in meditative state or asleep.

It takes two people to have a conversation. Sending your thoughts and words like “I really need to see you in my dreams” or “I need to know that you are okay” are the best ways to start the connection.

Asking is the first step in starting the new and improved connection. You can ask your deceased loved one to come and visit you during your sleeping period. When making your request, ask sincerely, from your heart, in a quiet manner or prayer. One strategy I’ve taught my clients and students to take these steps before bed to connect with your loved one:

  • In a relaxed state, right before sleep, imagine loved one with you.
  • See him or her as healed and whole.
  • Imagine his or her face smiling brilliantly and occupied with love for you.
  • Say, “I love you!” with a radiant smile on your face.
  • Ask your loved one to come visit while you are sleeping
  • Relax and go to sleep

I’ve worked giving readings, teachings and meditation for more than 10 years now. I’ve focused so much on honing my gifts of Spirit communication for others.

My mom passed last year and I’ve had the opportunity to use my abilities for personal reasons. I’m sure glad I can. After-death communication with my mom has comforted me while going the emotional roller coaster of grief.

Do not let depression, grief and loneliness take the better part of you, talk to your loved ones who have gone. Staying in a state of grief, anger, guilt or regret cannot bring back your deceased loved ones. God knows, I speak the truth in this. I held on to anger too long after my dad passed. I felt connected to him even while I was mad him for leaving me. Knowing that I could communicate with him after his passing was a life changer for me. After-death communication is open to everyone. Having a little faith in yourself and in the Spirit World is all you need to get started.

Your loved ones in Spirit want to help you through your time of grief.

Have you been thinking about your loved ones and how to connect with them after they are gone?

After-death communication changed my life in so many ways and I wish the same for you.

If you are open to the healing power of the Spirit World, your life will take on new meaning and purpose. 

3 Things Your Loved Ones are trying to tell you

Since I work with Spirit World full time, I get to share a lot of messages to people. I’ve witnessed
first hand profound mental and emotional healing that comes as a result of hearing from your loved ones.

One consistent thing that is shared is “I love you!” Clients, friends and family, have told me that
hearing three words have brought comfort and lifted their grief.

The second message is consistent is I’m OK. I know this sounds simple and straight forward.
But imagine the positive impact of knowing your loved one is OK. Knowing that your loved
ones are OK gives you the freedom heal and be happy, for them and for you.

The third most important message they say is I’m still here. Since they are now a spirit body,
not a physical body, they look for ways to get this message to you. They use different
methods to get this message through to you. They show up in your dreams, put coins
and feathers in your path. They work with nature and electronics in unique ways
that you can’t explain, but you know its them because of the underlying
feeling or sense that you feel when it happens.

Bottom line, they want to bring you healing and comfort any way they can.
They check in with you, so you know they are in their new spirit home,
at peace and still with you. They want to help know their spirit is alive and lives
beyond this world and you can talk to them and share your life with them.

On a personal note, getting a message from my dad resolved 12 years of grief. Hearing
from my father healed me emotionally in ways that I didn’t even know needed healing.
I was so afraid of going through the pain of loss, I held back from getting too close to people.
One of the positive results, I was able to slowly let go of my fear of loving and getting close to

It’s been over 20 years since he moved to the other side. I still send mental voicemails to
him, asking him to let know he’s still with me. He’s kinda slow in getting back to me, but he
always lets me know he is still with me. I’m still relieved and comforted when
he finally returns my request. I’ve come to realize and trust that the Spirit World
is intelligent and has great timing.

I enjoyed sharing a message of love from Spirit with this
sweet man. I hope you enjoy too!

If you’ve experienced the loss of a loved one or stuck in grief, I know how painful and overwhelming and lonely it can be.   

There is a way to learn to live with loss and find peace. My passion is to help people learn how to connect to the healing power of the Spirit World. 

I look forward to serving you,

Jennifer Farmer



Things you need to know to get a great reading

Getting a great reading helps cope with grief. I’ve had great readings over the years. In my recent post The Spirit World is listening, I wrote that hearing from my dad via a medium profoundly impacted my life. I found my first medium on a live internet radio show. It happened unexpectedly. One day, I was listening to the show and felt moved to pick up the phone and try to call in.  It was a great reading, short and sweet. I knew my dad was right there with us on the phone.

I didn’t grow up around mediums or psychics. So I had no clue what to know or look for in order to get a great reading. When I was 18, I had a brief encounter with a psychic, which was a bust. She told me I had a dark cloud around me.  She also told me for $500, she could get rid of it. I got out of the office as fast I could- not a great reading or experience.

In recent years, I feel TV mediums have positively impacted people’s perception of mediums and the Spirit World. Giving the audience an insider’s look at readings have made people a little more comfortable seeking out a medium. I’m thrilled that people are looking to hear from their loved ones. All mediums work a little different on building their link and connection to the Spirit World. A great reading will include many details from your loved ones. A special note here, TV shows are edited to bring out the best for the audience. Keep this in mind, when setting expectations about getting a great reading.

Plan ahead to get a great reading.

First of all, there are a lot of good psychic mediums in the world.  Most of the good ones I know and would recommend have wait lists.  I know for me, I limit the number of readings I do to stay mentally and physically healthy.  Just like any business, there are some not so good. Every psychic medium is unique in their abilities and how they use them. I highly recommend working with evidential mediums for connecting with deceased loved ones.  There are some things you should know when thinking about getting a reading.

  • Mediums connect with deceased loved ones in a mediumship reading.
  • Evidence includes facts about deceased loved ones life
  • Psychics connect with your energy and guides in an intuitive/psychic reading.
  • Psychic readings are focused on you and your life.
  • All mediums are psychic and use their psychic senses to communicate with the Spirit World.
  • Some psychics prefer not to connect with deceased loved ones

It’s my hope that everyone who seeks out a medium or psychic/intuitive has the best experience possible. Avoid getting a bad reading experience by watching my video. It’s short and sweet. It includes information you should know and things you can do to have the best reading experience.

Click here to watch my short on tips for a great reading.

Please feel free to share this post with anyone you know is thinking about getting a reading.

Email me at if you have any additional questions or would like to get on wait list for a reading.

I hope you found this post to be helpful in getting a great reading.

With gratitude,


The Spirit World is listening to you

The Spirit World listens to your whispers to them.  Your deceased loves hear your questions and thoughts of love you send them.  From my own experience, I can tell you that you have a second chance to say all things you didn’t get a chance to say to them. 

Truth be told, grief almost killed me.  My dad was everything to me. He passed unexpectedly. I felt guilty for things I said to him in our last phone conversation. I wanted him to know how much I loved him and felt I would never get the chance to tell him I love him again. Getting through the year following his passing was profoundly painful and I wanted to die.  It’s a miracle I lived through it.

Years later, through a series of synchronistic events, I came in contact with a medium. It wasn’t something I searched out.  In a brief phone call with a medium, I learned my dad was still with me.  The medium said things were said to me that I knew my dad was present at that moment. This was great news for me; I got a second chance to say I love you and I’m sorry.  Years of grief and pain evaporated from my soul.

Periodically, I invite my family and friends in spirit to be with me. I ask them to “stop by” when I’m going through a tough time or to a celebration that I know they would enjoy. Sometimes, they leave signs or coincidences come right away, sometimes in the coming days.

I’ve learned to recognize the signs and am attune to the language of the Spirit World. Hearing from them raises my spirits and reminds me that I’m not alone. 

For more than 10 years, I’ve dedicated my life to learning and sharing about the power of the Spirit World.  I’ve seen so many personal and professional validations and evidence of the afterlife. Trust me, your deceased loved ones are alive and well.  They inhabit Spirit World consciousness. Their presence comes to life in the invisible world of spirit.  The world of spirit communicates with love and intelligence.   The Spirit World is a loving force of life and energy. Your loved ones want to watch over you. It’s not a burden to them. In my opinion, they visit you because they want to help you heal and know they are OK.   

Connect to the Spirit World, it’s easier than you think.

You too can reach out to your loved ones. Tell  them know you love them and how much they mean to you.  Here are some things you can do to help with connecting to the Spirit World:

  • Slow down in life and get in touch with your own Spirit
  • Meditate so that you attune to higher vibrations and energy
  • In your mind, mentally invite them into your daily life
  • Let them know you are open for communication
  • Write letters to them  
  • Watch for coincidences and feelings of their presence
  • Forgive yourself for things you regret or wish you did different

If you know someone who is struggling with grief, please send and/or share this post with them.

It might be exactly what they need to read to get them through today. 

Thank you for reading my Solutions of Spirit post.

I hope you enjoyed reading it and will come back again.


P.S. Want to hear more about connecting with you loved ones? 

Click on the link below to listen to a previously recorded broadcast of Let’s talk to the Spirit World.

You can listen to me sharing messages from the Spirit World with callers and much more.                   

Click here for Lets talk to the Spirit World replay


Things you can do to change your life for the better

Walking the spiritual path has been challenging at times. Sometimes, I needed clarity in what actions to take to move forward. Other times, I needed to change my mindset and how I related to my circumstances. Choosing to make lemonade out of lemons required me to put my pride aside, be open to new ideas and develop courage.

In this broadcast, I share many steps and strategies that help me change things for the better.

I hope you enjoy listening.

Meditate to reduce stress and mental craziness

When I started to meditate, I struggled in the beginning. My mind was bouncing around and would not be still.  I began using a using a kitchen timer and setting it for 5 minutes. Sitting still and quiet for 5 minutes was a huge hurdle for me. Using a guided track really helped me meditate longer and feel confident about my practice.

I wanted to connect to something greater with in me. I heard meditation could help me stay calmer and help my busy mind. It’s now a way of life for me. I’ve used for the last 18 years.  It has helped me focus connect to world of Spirit. I feel better from the inside out. When I slack off my meditation, I feel irritated and restless. 

Meditation creates a filter of love and energy between me and the outside world. When I meditate I respond to people and situations with more clarity, flow and ease. 

My passion is to help people get started with meditation. If I can do it, so can you. Students learning to meditate tell me they give up because they try but their mind just won’t stop thinking.  They give up on their practice before they experience the positive results meditation offers.

It still takes me several minutes to relax and focus my mind inward. After all these years of a consistent practice, my mind still chatters from time to time. I strive to meditate daily, even for 5 minutes. Showing up on a regular basis gives me more joy profound and inner peace.  

Start your meditation practice today.

I designed the Essential Meditation Practice for beginners. They are short and easy to follow. 

Put your head phones on, get in a nice comfy chair and give meditation a try!

You will be glad you did. 

meditation for beginners


Do you want more tips and suggestions to get started? Watch this short video about learning to meditate.